Warmly welcome provincial and municipal leaders to visit our company

On August 20, Mao Linsheng, former deputy governor of Zhejiang Province, and Fang Jintu, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Military Affairs, Yu Liangwu, former deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Personnel Department, and Zhou Zhimin, general manager of the Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, led the delegation. In the hot sun, I visited our company to investigate and investigate, to investigate, solicit and give valuable opinions on issues such as the recent development of the company and future prospects. General Manager Zhou Liang of Depam, Deputy General Manager Xu Weihua, and Executive Director Zhu Xuejin gave a warm reception. Deputy General Manager Xu Weihua gave a detailed introduction to the company’s profile and development.
At the meeting, Vice President Xu Weihua introduced the development history, technical innovation, and product application of Depamu. Depamu is not only a manufacturer of metering pumps but also a service provider of fluid equipment. From product customization to technical research and development to post-maintenance Maintenance, one-stop service, our vision is to be a leader in global fluid equipment.
When introducing the development and application of the three-plunger diaphragm pump, Governor Mao said that he was very shocked and highly appreciated the technology of a series of products of Depham. The patent keeps its products at the forefront of the world. The world’s largest Indian oilfield polymer high-pressure reciprocating pump project signed in 2018 broke the monopoly market of high-end equipment in Europe and the United States, and was highly recognized by customers. When drafting standards for pumps and reciprocating pumps, and also the only company in the country to obtain API certification from the American Petroleum Institute, Governor Mao used “third-class enterprises to make products, second-class enterprises to make brands, and first-class enterprises to make standards” to describe De Palm, Thumbs up for Mr. De Pam’s expertise, he said that Mr. Zhou is not only an entrepreneur but also an expert in the pump industry!
Then, under the leadership of Mr. Zhou, everyone came to visit the production workshop, intelligent production workshop, advanced production technology, new imported horizontal machining center, independently developed intelligent test platform, rigorous front-line assembly workers, The carefully inspected inspection team and equipment, information-based warehouse management, ready-to-finish products, supercritical central control system, etc., and a series of observations made all the leaders who visited the tour amazing. Governor Mao’s development prospects for Depham are very promising. We look forward to it and encourage Depham to continue to work harder to further expand and become a leading enterprise in fluid equipment. Depham Zhou said that Depham has acquired a new company in Dusseldorf, Germany. While introducing German technology, it will continue to promote Depham products to the world and contribute to the Chinese fluid equipment industry.
Visit the workshop-illustration
Figure-Observe the intelligent test platform
The picture shows a batch of reciprocating pump projects to be sent to Indonesia.
The equipment of this project has high technical performance requirements and complicated working conditions. President Xu explained it.
Figure-Visit Informationized Warehouse Management

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