• Bearing


    *Function:SupplierJapan NSKSwedish SKF
  • Oil seal

    Oil seal

    *Function:SupplierJapan NOK
  • Check Value

    Check Value

    *Function:A check valve, a type of automatic valve, realizes automatic opening and closing of the valve flap with the force of media flow, avoiding reverse flow of the media. According to structure, check valves can be divided into lift check valves, swin
  • Ball Valve

    Ball Valve

    *Function:A ball valve has a sphere with a circular channel as its opening and closing member, which rotates with the valve stem to realize valve opening and closing. A ball valve mainly features an impact structure, easy operation and repairing. It is ap
  • Stop Valve

    Stop Valve

    *Function:The opening and closing member of a stop valve is a plug-type valve flap with a horizontal or conical sealing surface in rectilinear motion along the fluid center line. And a stop value features a simple structure, a short working stroke, openin
  • Diaphragm


    *Function:working principle:PTFE adopts multi-directional rolling quenching treatment, which improves the toughness of the diaphragm and extends the service life of the diaphragm; single diaphragm, double diaphragm, triple diaphragm, etc.
  • Pulsation Damper

    Pulsation Damper

    *Function:A pulsation damper can instantly absorb pulses to achieve a stable flow rate and pressure, and can smooth 90~~95% pulses.Pulsation Damper Types: Bladder type, diaphragm type, gas-liquid contact type and bellows type.Bladder Type Casing material:
  • Back Pressure Valve

    Back Pressure Valve

    *Function:A type of device raising pipeline pressure. When the pressure at the injection point is lower than the inlet pressure of the metering pump, a back pressure valve must be installed at the metering pump outlet to reduce overflow transport caused b
  • Flow Calibration Pot and Methanol Injection Flow Calibration Pot

    Flow Calibration Pot and Methanol Injection Flow Calibration Pot

    *Function:A calibration pot is used for accurate calibration of metering pump working flow.Specifications: 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 2000ml, 4000ml.Material of Graduated Tube: PVC and organic glass.
  • Safety Valve

    Safety Valve

    *Function:A type of safety protection device against pressure overload, normally closed, and automatically open when the rising pressure of the media in the equipment or the pipes exceeds the specified value, avoiding the pressure of the media in the equi
  • Filter


    *Function:Installed on the inlet pipe of a metering pump, a filter is used for filtration of impurities and large particles, thus ensuring normal operation of the metering pump. Common filters are Y-type and basket-type filters.Material of a Y-type Filter
  • Motor


    *Function:SupplierSiemens, ABB, Nanyang, Jiamusi explosion-proof
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